Raju Mandhyan

  • Author, Coach, Trainer and TV Host
  • Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Buzan Licensed Instructor, Whole-Brain Thinking, Life Orientations, American Management Association’s Trainer, Arbinger Institute’s Leadership and Self-Deception; and International Coaching Federation’s specific training for Life Coaches
  • More than 20 years experience in manufacturing, exports and international trade


Raju MandhyanAuthor, Coach, Trainer and TV Host, Raju Mandhyan highlights and then helps eradicate the fine line that divides creative thought and constructive action when it comes to leadership development. For over 10 years, he has worked and delivered powerful results with audiences of seven to 7,000 across the Asian-Pacific region. His heart-smart approach towards vision building, goal-setting and performance enhancement guarantees long-lasting results for your events and executive development needs.

He has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing, exports and international trade. He has been trained in multiple modalities for human capital development like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Buzan Licensed Instructor, Whole-Brain Thinking, Life Orientations, American Management Association’s Trainer, Arbinger Institute’s Leadership and Self-Deception; and International Coaching Federation’s specific training for Life Coaches.

A dynamic and enthusiastic speaker, he brings to all his workshops and speaking engagements a wealth of experience gained from his years in engineering, management and international trade. He is, probably, one of the rare Filipino trainers who has delivered a highly applauded presentation at the American Society for Training and Development’s international conference in 2010 at Chicago.

He has designed, prepared, and facilitated several workshops on communications, creativity and entrepreneurial
leadership. He has hosted several events and conferences for the retailing, the manufacturing, the educational and
the BPO sector. He has also authored three books, one on Public Speaking, another on Humor as a tool for Leadership, and now a book on Entrepreneurship.

He has lived and grown in three cultures – Indian, American, and Filipino. Currently, he lives in the Philippines and when not speaking or training he plays tennis, does scuba and is life-long yoga practitioner.


  • Power Speaking Skills with NLP
    Now and from times immemorial, the one skill that makes a  person stand out, succeed  and create change is his ability to transfer information and knowledge with clarity, to persuade effectively and to inspire with wit and eloquence is a sure-fire way of evolving   from an executive to a world-class leader. In this highly interactive and intensive workshop, you will learn to be a clear, concise  and a compelling speaker. Using the principles of NLP or Mind Mapping®, you will learn to analyze needs and characteristics, develop deep rapport and scintillate all audiences.
  • Appreciative Inquiry-based Leadership
    Appreciative Inquiry based Leadership is a new and innovative approach to change that is proving its capacity to engage, inspire, and energize individuals and organizations towards positive results. AI helps organizations and individuals make the paradigm shift from solving problems to creating opportunities. Unlike traditional change and leadership methodologies which focus on issues and problems, AI engages groups in identifying successes, strengths and what their organization looks like at its best. It then builds on those assets to catalyze all transfers and diffuse innovation meaningfully.
  • Systems Thinking for Organizational Development
    Drawn and inspired from Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline, this talk and short workshop generates powerful insights on how change occurs, how change can be managed to convert all organizations into powerful vortexes of learning and virtuous growth. First delivered at the Asian Institute of Management, this interaction has matured to blend in mutilple schools of thought and practical approaches for the 21st century.
  • PitBulls and Entrepreneurship
    Most other learning interactions on entrepreneurship are built around how to have a vision, create a mission, write a plan and then mind the store. None of them puts across the science behind how to light a fire under one’s belly. This talk/workshop fires you up such that when you and your teams get ignited the world will come watch you burn. This is good for private entrepreneurs as well as corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Sales and Sales Leadership
    Selling has never been easy. Most salespeople learn how to sell only when they doggedly learn to beat the streets and get into the sales pit often. Those that make it to the, proverbial, top forget how they acquired the skills and suffer while having to transfer the knowledge. This talk/workshop will revalidate your and polish up your innate selling skills and also equip you with powerful yet gentle coaching skills to help and lead others into sales stardom.


“Every time I listen to Raju speak, I am simply blown away. Watching this guy work has inspired me to always give my best. Why? Because his mere presence demands it. His work ethic is second to none. Another aspect about Raju that I admire is his creative insight on almost anything. When he designs trainings or speeches, there is always this element of surprise (in a good way, of course). Admittedly, I borrow some of his work (with his  permission, I mean). If you haven’t been to one of his seminars or if you haven’t worked on a project with him, you’re missing a lot!” – Boom San Agustin, CC, CL, Professional Public Speaker & Trainer, Trainer, Coach, Speaker

“I attended a seminar led by Raju during a real estate conference in the Philippines. Raju was able to deliver a fresh, fun, and informative perspective regarding business and organizational development in general, as well as how to do business in the Philippines. His delivery is authentic and graceful. I greatly enjoyed his class and look forward to future opportunities to work with Raju.” – Kiki Bandilla, Director, Business Development, Viridian Group, LLC, Las Vegas, USA

“I worked with Raju when I was with Astrum Sercon and when he delivered programs on Mind Mapping and  Presentation Skills/ Public Speaking for our clients. I think Raju completely rocks as a facilitator and as a motivational speaker. Not only would he deliver value to the clients who could see measurable difference, but his pleasant style of delivery always kept everyone completely at ease and wanting to learn more. As far as public speaking and presentation skills goes there was always something more that you could learn from each interaction with Raju.” – Mazdiar A Patel, hired Raju as a Trainer/ Facilitator in 2003, and hired Raju more than once.

“I know Raju from the world of Toastmasters. In a country where speeches tend to sound too serious and traditional, Raju brought a lot of humor, vibrance, and life to Philippine toastmasters. And although he was part of an elite group of Toastmasters, he had the time and the inclination to inspire budding public speakers to find their own voice. Truly an asset to Philippine Toastmasters, his mere presence caused public speaking to evolve many notches higher in this country.” – Arvy Villamarzo, Assistant Manager, Citibank

“Raju is a professional presenter and coach with a wealth of knowledge that only comes with experience, which he is always glad to share with his clients.” – Dr Shelley Sykes, Director, Shelley Sykes international, Sydney, Australia

“Let me tell. I have seen Raju in action at the Asian Institute of Management. He’s a real fire cracker and has the  crowd roaring in no time at all.” – Bjorn Martinoff, President/ CEO, F1C Inc.

“Raju brings experience and enthusiasm to game of life with messages that will benefit anyone who is fortunate  enough to hear them.” – Lance Miller, 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International, California

“Learning Mind Mapping, with Raju, from this workshop was most valuable to me!” – Gov. Jose Antonio Leviste II, Provincial Government of Batangas

“Raju is the only man I know of and read about who has made science out of the art of sense of humor; not just in the context of coping with the pressures of life or business, but also, and more importantly, in the context of  leadership. It always a light and enlightening experience listening to Raju.” – Marvin Isidore Macatol, Vice-President for Business Development and Shareholder, G2K Corporation

“Raju is a great speaker and a very insightful author. I’ve worked with him for a few years. My interactions with Raju have been interesting and very educational. He is a role model for persons who wish to pursue careers in public speaking, training delivery and presentation.” – Lara De Ubago-Sia, Call Center Training Manager

“Raju is a lively and entertaining speaker, who can WOW any crowd. A compleat package of speaker and writer (who has written several books which have been well-received).” – Sheila Dela Cruz, HR Manager, S-Tech, Ltd.

“Raju is an excellent writer of many wonderful articles and a book, and is an outstanding and inspiring speaker.” – Rick Sidorowicz, Publisher and Editor, Refresher Publications, Montreal, Canada

“Raju presents his Real World and immediately applicable content in a structured and VERY easy to understand way. He is a fantastic facilitator that brings out the hidden knowledge from his participants and is a man of character who has always walked his talk for as long as I have known him.” – Arthur Carmazzi, CEO, Directive Communication International (Asia), Bali, Indonesia

“It’s rare to see a professional speaker and author like Raju who comes from such a foundation of experience and knowledge and yet he is so open to learn and grow. In my opinion this is the key to greatness that makes working with Raju such a joy.” – Stephen Reynolds, Thailand

“I have had the pleasure of speaking at many of the same international conferences and conventions as Raju. I have read his books and have recommended Raju to speak and consult here in the USA. Not only is Raju a great friend of mine, he is a true professional, great speaker and riveting writer. I have witnessed his audiences react to him; he delivers great content with a wonderful flair.” – Donna Hickey, President and Founder, Donna Hickey Presents, Chicago, Illinois

“Raju’s works is the best! Worth every peso – gained more than what I paid for!” – Michelle Marquez-Lachica, dB Wizards, Inc.

“By the way, I was not able to thank Raju for his most excellent conduct of POWER SPEAKING… He’s one of only a few speakers who’s so generous in sharing his knowledge & skills, you get the feeling he wants to empty himself and pour onto us (his participants) everything he knows about power speaking in such a short time. A MOST PASSIONATE & SELFLESS GURU!” – Ms. Socorro Rita Carpio, Division Head, PLDT

“Raju opens up a treasure trove fueled with powerful tactics for anyone wanting to excel in public speaking.” – J.T. Zhang & Co. Inc.

“Very good workshop!” – Alberto Victoria, Alabang New Life

“Raju’s creative mentoring skills brought out the Champion in me!” – Jess Liwanag, ABS-CBN/CNN, National Public Speaking Champion, 2002, Philippines’ Toastmasters

“I’m going to propose this workshop to my organization!” -Ms. Marites Curitana, ICT Marketing Services, Inc.

“Raju is someone I am TRULY indebted to … because of his personal invite to attend his Mind Mapping Workshop for FREE … I learned a WONDERFUL tool which has served me well for the last 8 years (on/off) of my personal and professional life. He’s a REMARKABLE speaker … full of stories, humor and lessons about life! A champion speaker, evaluator, mentor and motivator!” – Ana Marie Herrera, Member (& past President), Diamond Toastmasters Club

“Raju is a gifted speaker and a great teacher for Public Speaking. His book is a must have for anyone who wants to learn about speaking.” – Joey Reyes, President, PowerSpeak, Philippines

“To meet Raju Mandhyan is to meet a citizen of the world who has a wide open mind to life’s possibilities and lives life as an adventure. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Raju at Toastmasters International Conventions and the delight of getting to know him as a friend. Raju is a graduate of the Buzan Mind Mapping program, an author, speaker, and trainer of high caliber, Raju’s most endearing qualities to me are his genuiness and caring for the people he serves. It is with pleasure that I heartily endorse Raju Mandhyan as a trainer, speaker, and author who has an openness to people and can connect with any culture or individual.” – Dilip Abayasekara, Past International President, Toastmasters International, Philadelphia

“I enjoyed the workshop and all the exciting activities. I will use the skills at work.” – Dr. Ashok P. Giri, Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, INDIA

“As a speaker, Raju facilitates with a high on emotional intelligence. Attending his workshops is not just empowering but also soothing.” – Murali Aiyer, Crisil, Mumbai, India

“When it comes to transforming people, Raju is the hot stuff!” – Jess Liwanag, ABS-CBN

“Allow me to tell you once again that I learned so much from the 2-day training we had, not only on public speaking skills and mind mapping, but more importantly on having a positive outlook in life.” – J. Tristan V. Diao EU-Philippines Com QuaL Project

“Every statement a home run and every exercise a reality!” – Sidney Schindler, New York, USA

“Having seen the behind-the-scenes work of Raju, and experienced some personal moments that are revealing of worldview, temperament and character, I would fully recommend him as a facilitator/ guide/ consultant to anyone who would find value in investigating and reflecting upon life and relationships — whether they be at work or outside of work. Some say that the measure of a man is what he teaches his kids. Beyond what he lectures about in front of the room, Raju lives and shares a life that is a continuous introspection on how to make things better. If his relationship to and the success of his children are any indication, this approach has more than proven worthwhile. A man of great character and humility, that may have something important to teach people and organizations, to those who would “walk the road” with him.” – Mon Garcia, Managing Partner, Journeyman Consulting worked directly with Raju at Inner Sun

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