Erick Kalugdan

  • Technology entrepreneur, having founded, an award-winning e-commerce website for cellphone loads and prepaid cards; GiveMe Unlimited, the enterprise and wireless solutions provider
  • Vast experience as an IT consultant, working for and UNISYS Philippines
  • Over 14 years of experience in systems design and development using Microsoft-based Server technologies, and ODBC Relational Databases


erick-kalugdanErick Kalugdan is the President of LOAD.COM.PH CORPORATION – an award-winning e-commerce website for cellphone loads and prepaid cards. It has an end-to-end website with online payment. Cellphone loads are delivered directly to the end user’s cellphone while prepaid card PIN’s are presented in the website.

He is also the President of GIVEME UNLIMITED INC – the enterprise and wireless solutions provider. GiveMe Unlimited is a software development company specializing in SMS (text messaging) technology. GiveMe Unlimited’s showcase product is the InfoTXT Messaging Platform – the best SMS solution for companies and organizations.

As an IT consultant for, his primary responsibilities are to maintain the website and SMS applications of, facilitate e-commerce hands-on training programs, and provide technical competence based on the B2B 3C model – Content, Connectivity, and Call Centers.

Erick formerly worked for UNISYS Philippines, employed as an information services consultant for e-business projects. This includes developing a web-based Bank Teller System prototype for the Bank of the Philippine Islands using UNISYS Financial Business Application’s Transactor 3.0 solution; and several Internet banking prototypes for United Coconut Planters Bank, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, East West Bank and Bank of Ceylon, Colombo, Sri Lanka using UNISYS Financial Business Application’s Net Banker 2.4 solution.

He has extensive implementation experience on Microsoft Internet Information Server / Personal Web Server, Microsoft InterDev, Active Server Pages (JScript & VBScript), Web Classes, ActiveX Data Objects, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SNA Server, Microsoft Access, UNISYS Financial Business Applications Transactor, UNISYS Financial Business Applications Net Banker, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

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