Boris Joaquin

  • Master Trainer and Accredited Facilitator for Servant Leadership, Leading Without the Title, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Art of Influence, Power to Persuade, Moving into Management among others.
  • Certified Marketing Professional (CMP®)


Boris JoaquinOne of the country’s top-ranked speakers and trainers for leadership programs and other soft skills, he is a Master Trainer and Accredited Facilitator for Servant Leadership, Leading Without the Title, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Art of Influence, Power to Persuade, Moving into Management among others.

Gifted with a unique blend of a penchant for communication, a strategic and creative mind, a valuing for relationships, networking ease and natural leadership, Boris puts his skills to meaningful use. Being involved in various industries (advertising, consumer goods, printing/publishing, fragrances, NGO, digital marketing, telecommunications, BPO and business solutions) and business sizes, from multinationals to locally owned enterprises for more than two decades now, Boris is seasoned management and marketing professional.



Performance management is simply a term used to describe a set of activities that assess whether goals or objectives are being met. These activities include defining work, setting goals, providing feedback and encouraging development.

Performance management is about shared responsibility and understanding of roles, expectations, and standards.
Every day, we all ask ourselves:
What do I need to do?
When shall I work on it?
How do I achieve the required quality?
These questions can apply to the day’s work, or to the planning of the work for the next week, month, or year. A manager’s job is to decide whether an employee’s achievements match what was expected. It is also the manager’s task to connect the employee’s work to organizational objectives (that is, provide role clarity).
Your organization may have formal performance management systems that require an annual appraisal or review. While these formal elements of performance management are important, the more critical aspects of managing an individual’s performance are daily interactions and feedback.
Performance that is not actively managed is nonetheless influenced by default. Failure to provide feedback means employees are unaware of whether their performance is acceptable and valued and can be a major disincentive to stay with the organization.
Furthermore, failure to manage negative performance can have harmful consequences on the morale of the rest of the work team.


The SERVANT LEADER WORKSHOP is a one and a half day seminar on Servant Leadership, which will help participants discover how to successfully impact their organization through their PEOPLE. They will learn the different paradigms a servant leader must embrace to effectively stir the people to growth and in effect lead the organization to success!


LEADING WITHOUT THE TITLE is an intensive seminar-workshop, which is designed for key support roles of corporate and departmental decision makers, who require you to perform tasks you feel are beyond your function. This seminar will help you develop informal leadership skills to influence positive organizational success even without positional authority. Through hands-on, experiential exercises you will create an integrated development plan that matches your organizations needs with individual achievement and success.


Influencing others is a much needed life skill. The ability to influence decision-making inside and outside the workplace or in the social sphere is an essential tool for anybody who wants to thrive or be successful.

In this 1-day training for supervisors, managers, and young aspiring leaders, participants will not only be able to recognize and improve their influencing style, develop confidence, and creditability, but also learn how to maximize their impact in challenging situations.

The Influencing Skills and Strategies Workshop was culled from the transformational leadership training program, The Servant Leader Workshop. This was further developed by Servant Leader Program Master Trainer, Boris Joaquin, for young managers, supervisors, and aspiring leaders.


The EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Workshop is an intensive customer service learning event designed to reveal the secret to achieving and surpassing your customers’ expectations. Through this workshop you will discover the 10 powerful keys to excellent customer service, how to anticipate changing customers needs, deal with upset customers through discussions, case studies, individual and group learning activities.

This workshop is facilitated by Boris Joaquin, head of donor engagement of World Vision in the Philippines and an advocate of excellence in customer service. Although World Vision thrives on donations of individuals and organizations, it was in his leadership that donations grew because of the effective donor care programs he spearheaded.


This is not your typical retreat. This retreat will equip you and then challenge you to lead like you’ve never led before. It will be an EXTRA-ordinary, and may even be a LIFE-CHANGING experience as you learn how to lead like Jesus!

You may be taking the issue of leading like Jesus with a little skepticism– or may be a lot. You may be wondering, “Why bother leading like Jesus?”

Learning how to lead like Jesus is worth bothering with because it can open a door for you to redefine and strengthen your relationships with co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, family, friends, and neighbors.

It can help you have all the favorable impact on others God intended you to have.

Learning to lead like Jesus is worth the effort because not only does it really WORK, but it makes a profound difference!

Although many of us think of leadership in terms of forceful, even overbearing “command-and-control” behavior, the truth is, Leaders who have lasting impact on other people and organizations– even huge organizations — are people who have mastered the art of servant leadership.

Ken Blanchard was a best-selling business author and guru long before he co-founded the Lead Like Jesus movement. It was only after many years of academic study and experience that he came to conclude:

“I realized that Christians have more in Jesus than just a great spiritual leader: we have a practical and effective leadership model for all organizations, for all people, for all situations. The more I read the Bible, the more I realized that Jesus did everything I ever taught or wrote about over the years and He did it perfectly. He is simply the greatest leadership model for all time.“

If Jesus is the most effective leader, doesn’t it make good sense to study what He said about leadership and what He did as a leader?

Explore the effectiveness of Christ as Servant, Steward, and Shepherd whether you face everyday challenges of disbelief, mistrust, and confusion, or you work to inspire, educate, or influence those around you. Learn how to apply these core principles in your family, in the community, in the parish, or on the job.

Without compromising performance or progress, simply consider the results of the greatest leader of all time, and make the most of your life as well as the lives of those around you.


PM Workshop is seeing yourself inside the frame! – Rommel Taningco, Philippine Life Financial Assurance CorporationVery good mentor and facilitator. Thank you, Boris! – Helen Veridiano, SI Resources CorporationThank you for being so accommodating and helpful. Our gratitude to Salt & Light
for providing us a venue to continuously learn and grow.
– Rowena Ann Garcia, STI College Zamboanga

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