Boom San Agustin

  • More than 15 years of experience as a trainer/speaker
  • Multi-awarded sales professional and sales manager
  • Host of TV talk show “SME Forum”


Boom San AgustinEnrique Salvador Eleazar San Agustin, or simply Boom San Agustin, is a professional and motivational speaker, business writer, and corporate trainer.  Although he graduated with a BS Mathematics degree, Boom started his career as a sales person and, eventually, a sales manager. However, he found his true calling as a public speaker and trainer. This is something he loves to do and it shows.

Those who have listened to Boom have said that he is a powerful, inspirational, and motivational speaker, writer, and trainer. This can be attested to by the many speech awards he has received in Toastmasters (Division B, Philippines). Some of these awards are as follows: – Champion: International Speech Category (2009) – 2nd Place: Impromptu Speech Category (2009) – 3rd Place: Humorous Speech Category (2009) – Champion: Evaluation Speech Category (2008) – 2nd Place: International Speech Category (2008) – 3rd Place: Impromptu Speech Category (2008).

Being one of the main proponents in the creation, development, and implementation of the B.E.S.T. Workshop (which has gained the reputation as one of the country’s best entrepreneurial workshops), some of his specialties are “entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneurial mind-setting.”

Boom is also an entrepreneur and a consultant for business development, sales, and communications. He has had more than 20 years of experience holding posts and consulting engagements in various industries such as automotive, banking, information technology, outsourcing, and training.

Boom is also the host of the “SME Forum,” a TV talk show on entrepreneurship in the Philippines, aired on the Global News Network (GNN), every Monday, from 11:00am to 12:00pm.


  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Dynamics
  • Preparing your PowerPoint Presentation
  • Business Writing
  • Business English
  • Marketing in Social Networks
  • Basic Financial Planning
  • Avoiding Credit Card Pitfalls
  • Getting Out of Debt
  • Leadership Basics
  • Leadership and Management
  • Supervision and Management
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management
  • Flipping Failure – Turning Failure to Success


Boom moderated a training course at CBRE for me. He commands the space that he’s in. As a speaker, he always impresses me with his delivery, topic, positivity, humor and connectedness with his audience. He is a master. His devotion to helping others become competent speakers is admirable, and so is his manner of giving constructive criticism. He leaves his audience feeling inspired and empowered. — Leighton Ming-Chieh Tsai, Country Officer & Director of Project Management, PMP CB Richard Ellis (Philippines)

I have outsourced some of my writing requirements to Boom. Whether it is web copywriting, a blog post or an article, Boom has the skills to produce well-written and engaging write-ups. He may be expensive but I never mind paying a premium to get quality results at par or even better than native English writers. Buboy Lavandero, Information Technology Consultant Logical Security Consultants, Ltd.

Boom makes an amazing TV Show host. I had a blast with him and Alvin on their show and hope to be a guest again very soon. — Bjorn Martinoff, President & Strategic Executive Coach for Senior Leaders, F1C International –

Boom is multi-talented and has a multi-faceted background. He is a hard-core technical person with more than ample competencies in the soft skills. Writing is part creativity and part sweat and blood but what really drives results in this area is the writer’s purpose. Boom is a leader in the direction of authentic purpose. Sharing ideas and working with Boom has always been a pleasure. — Raju Mandhyan, Author, Coach, and Trainer, Inner Sun Consultancy

I met Boom in our Toastmasters club. Impassioned, eloquent and engaging are the words, I feel, aptly describes Boom as a speaker. He is not Division B Champion for nothing. Every time Boom delivers a speech, he leaves no doubt about his flare for public speaking. Boom is an excellent speaker, period. Yet, he also has knack for creative writing. His “Penstrokes” blog speaks well about his talent. When I need someone to write articles for me, I usually turn to Boom for help. Even if the lead-time I give him is short (less than a day to be exact), he is always able to come up with well-written articles. Boom’s strength, both as a speaker and as a writer, is more than about style. Boom speaks and writes from his heart, and that’s what sets him apart. — Juan Roy, Senior Manager – Training and Development, Pru Life of U. K. (Philippines)

Enrique ‘Boom’ San Agustin is a great and compelling writer and speaker who can really help organizations with their copy and marketing needs. There will never be a dull moment with Boom! — Peter Allan Mariano, Business Development Director, Worldnet Business Center

Boom has a natural talent for public speaking. He possesses a rich and diverse experience that gives him the needed reference to talk just about anything from starting a business, leading an organization to life in general. Boom is a voracious researcher and a technology maven. These two passions enhance his ability to talk and offer advice on various matters. Boom is also a prolific and flexible writer. He writes well and can write practically about anything. Armed with vast exposure in various businesses, managerial experience, a hunger for knowledge and a natural people talent, Boom always has something useful to share. Boom blogs, tells stories and writes professionally. If you need someone for public speaking engagements, training or writing jobs, Boom is it. — Edwin Ebreo, President & CEO, ExeQserve Corporation

Intelligence… Creativity… Effectiveness… That is Enrique Salvador San Agustin. Boom, as he is called by friends is a professional oozing with talents. When it comes to public speaking, training and writing, Boom can “walk the talk”. You will always be moved by Boom, whether you’re listening to his speech or reading his materials, he’s definitely a winner! — Alvin Abrantes, Sales Training Manager, Green Icon Real Estate, Inc.

Boom is a powerful speaker who seems to have an answer for everything. We teasingly call him the ‘walking encyclopaedia’, and if you get to talk to him, you’ll know why. He thrives on the stage or in front of an audience and can bring even a hostile crowd to agree with him when he speaks. When I hire him for training jobs, it always makes my work easier because after he speaks, the audience is now ready to accept what I have to say. Also, whenever I need some writing or copywriting done, I only turn to Boom. He is probably the only writer I’ve ever worked with that really takes the time to listen to what I say. Sometimes, all I have to do is call him on the phone and give him instructions and he immediately comes up with well written work in just minutes. For training or writing, I don’t regret hiring Boom. — Elizabeth Ventura Elizabeth, SVP for Sales and Marketing, Anchor Land Holdings, Incorporated

I’ve known Boom since 1994. He was the Training Manager of the first company I worked with right after college, the Toyota Quezon Avenue. He was a passionate trainer back then and his enthusiasm was contagious. He was among a few people who influenced me to pursue a career in People Training and Development. Fourteen years since I last saw him, our paths have crossed and in mid year of 2010, I asked him to guest on my show, The Business Portal: On the Corporate World on GNN Channel 21. His talent, passion and skills were apparent during the show which compelled our director to offer him a show of his own. I was not surprised a bit with the director’s decision because I knew he had what it takes to be a business talk show host. I am proud to play a role in Boom’s new endeavour and am glad to be associated with him. I know that the show he has now is his global platform to change the world through his insightful ideas and impassioned pursuit of greatness. More power to you Boom and to your show SME Forum! — Howell Mabalot, Assistant Vice President, Informatics DAO Group and TV Talk-Show Host (On the Corporate World) Global News Network (GNN-21)

Enrique ‘Boom’ San Agustin is someone I have a GREAT deal of respect for. As a Toastmaster, he has certainly used the Public Speaking and Communication skills to effortlessly integrate in his CORE businesses … writing and training, especially with his consultancy work. This man is well-rounded … he can do it ALL! He is someone to count on … to be professional with his deliverables and presentations. — Ana Marie Herrera, Strategist, Consultant, and Talent Agent

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