Why Work With Us

With TrainersHQ representing you, you will be able to:

1. Reach a much wider market

If you’re in the speaking or training business, we know you already have your own list of clients. That’s great! But with thousands of companies, we know you’re only tapping a small fraction of the market. We will promote you not only to the largest corporations but also to the tens of thousands of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). In fact, there are other market segments you may have missed: government agencies, industry and professional associations, socio-civic organizations, and non-profits like schools, churches, and civic society groups.

2. Get a lot more exposure

We know that building a personal brand is crucial in creating a successful speaking or training career. And we know how difficult and expensive that can be. We will complement your promotional efforts with our own marketing machine. We will promote you online (here on our website, in social networks like Facebook, via social media like YouTube and Slideshare.net, using webinars and podcasts, and through e-mail marketing campaigns) and offline (client presentations, speaker and trainer road shows, fax campaigns, media appearances, press releases, and telemarketing). We have a dedicated marketing team on your side.

3. Make your life easier

As a self-employed professional speaker, consultant, or freelance trainer, you’re a one-man or one-woman show, or you have one or two reliable assistants. If you’re an executive or entrepreneur, you have a secretary working for you. Indeed, they play a critical role in making your career or business organized. But once you’re getting invitations and requests for proposals left and right, the tasks of sorting and coordinating can become overwhelming. Consider us as an extra hand in organizing your engagements by working with clients directly.

4. Still do your own thing

Like a talent agency, we book clients for you on a commission basis. But we also actively promote your career. We represent you on a non-exclusive basis, which means you can book clients on your own or with other training companies. We understand your need to be independent, a free agent not tied to any firm.

5. Build a successful speaking or training career

Being a speaker or trainer is one of the most fulfilling professions. You get to help people solve problems, improve their skills, and become more successful while earning well and increasing your influence. If you are just starting out as a speaker or trainer, working with a bureau like us can help boost your career. If you are already an established speaking or training professional, we can help you expand your reach and take your career to the next level.