Alvin Tabanag

  • Dubbed the “financial adviser of the masses”
  • One of the most popular personal finance experts in the country
  • Best-selling author of “Kaya Mo, Pinoy! 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income”


Alvin T. Tabañag is a personal money management coach and founder of Pinoy Smart Savers Learning Center, an internationally-recognized organization dedicated to spreading a culture of saving and responsible money management among Filipinos, through practical personal finance education.  The Center is recognized by the US-based Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation as an international “Best Provider” of workplace financial education programs in the Philippines.  Alvin is a member of the Association of Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines and the Registered Financial Planners Institute, based in Ohio, USA.  He is also an international member of the Financial Planning Association (USA).

Alvin, who has over 18 years of experience in the banking and consulting industry, has taught thousands of Filipinos about responsible money management. He regularly conducts seminars to a broad range of audience – from students and low-income wage earners to middle-class workers, OFWs, professionals and business people.

He is dubbed as the “financial adviser of the masses” and the “second most popular personal finance expert” in the country. Because he speaks the ordinary Filipino’s language, he is very effective in making Pinoys from all walks of life understand topics that seem complicated to most people.  He shares practical, easy to follow, yet very effective ideas and strategies that can be used by more than 90% of Filipinos.

Alvin is a contributing writer of the national broadsheet, The Business Mirror, and the country’s first and only personal finance magazine, MoneySense.  His articles appear in many websites and online blogs and he’s a regular resource person for features and shows related to personal finance.  He is also frequently invited to give talks and lectures during conferences, fairs, and expos.

Alvin is the author of the bestselling book “Kaya Mo, Pinoy! 12 Steps to Build Wealth on Any Income,” currently the country’s most complete practical money management guide for hardworking Filipinos. He is finishing another likely bestseller, the book titled “1,000 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Save Thousands,” which will be released soon.

A lively speaker and effective communicator, Alvin can convey in simple layman’s terms the subject on personal finance which would seem daunting to the uninitiated and untrained.  His straightforward & clear style of teaching ensures that participants fully understand the topics. He engages the audience and uses their real life experiences to effectively drive home his message.  He will also leave participants highly motivated and inspired and they will go home with a burning desire to finally take action and pursue with passion their dream of financial freedom!

Alvin is a very amusing, entertaining and engaging lecturer and facilitator, which makes his sessions a fun and meaningful experience for everybody, himself included.  He can hold the attention of the audience for hours and keeps them very involved. Alvin connects with his audience on a personal level, drawing from their own experiences to illustrate his points.  He speaks with zeal and conviction and can inspire people even without trying.

Best of all, Alvin is great value for money.  His seminars cover two to three times more topics than other more expensive personal finance seminars.  Many participants are amazed at how much they learn in just a few hours with Alvin.  He is concise in his discussion, direct to the point and focuses on the really important matters. Despite his growing popularity as a personal finance guru, his fees have remained affordable, allowing people to learn more for less.


  • Practical Money Management for Filipinos
  • Retirement Planning and Wealth-Building
  • Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Practical Business Planning Workshop
  • Setting-up and Managing a Successful Business
  • How to Speak Like a Pro


“Perfect! The pointers have been localized and very much closer to Filipino habits.”
“An awakening for most of us.”
“Amusing, without sacrificing the topic/idea.”
“Straight to the point.”
“Very lively and has good delivery that enables (him) to connect well to his audience.”
“Was able to conduct a normally tedious topic in a very light and lively way.”
“Made me feel comfortable and interested.  (He) explains details in layman’s terms.”

– Personnel of Ayala Property Management Corporation

“Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable and simplistic approach… easy to comprehend.”
“By injecting humor, the speaker was able to give life to his presentation, which is considered serious stuff.”
“The speaker combined knowledge and entertainment in his discussion.”
““Very articulate and he captures his audience attention.  Very personal and interactive style.”

– Employees from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

“Salamat sa Dios at kay Mr. Tabañag at nagkaroon ng seminar sa araw na ito.  Napakahalaga at napkaliwanag ang explanation.  At nadagdagan ang kaalaman kong magtipid.”
“Mahalaga ito dahil magagamit natin bilang sandata sa pang-araw-araw na laban sa pamumuhay.  May sense of humor ang speaker, hindi ka aantukin sa pakikinig.”
“Napakagaling magpaliwanag… nagbibigay ng mga ideas para madaling maintindihan.  Lalo na sa tungkol sa business.  Very good talaga.”
“Ito ang pinaka-importanteng seminar na dumating sa ating buhay.  Magaling at maayos sa lahat ang speaker.  Very systematic at buhay na buhay.”

– Officers and directors of Federation of Sual (Pangasinan) Multi-Purpose Cooperatives

“Great seminar! … it’s timely, relevant and most helpful.”
“Excellent – very useful topics.  The speaker was really knowledgeable.”
“Very motivating and encouraging. (The speaker) is very effective in his lecture.”

– The Medical City Doctors

“Marami kang matutunang aral tungkol sa paghawak ng pera… Mahusay magpaliwang…”
“Very nice at nakakatulong kung pano ang tamang pagastos sa pang-araw-araw.  He really speak clearly and understandable. I really learned very much about budgeting.”
“Very informative. Savings management can be done even by a simple ‘pinoy’ with self-discipline… He (speaker) knows everything about financial managing. Well handled lecture.”
“I learned many things of the lecture. I was so surprised of the information you have shared… Very good speaker, he handles well the topics… gives simple but very realistic examples and experiences in our life.”

– Officers of Tahanang Walang Hagdan, Inc.

“Very educational. Material is very practical & can easily be applied to day to day life.  (The speaker has) good interaction with his listeners.”
““Very educational & interesting.  The speaker is very good and entertaining; very clear explanation and gives you encouragement.”

– Employees of Nikko Metals Phils

“Very professional!”
“Very knowledgeable and funny.”
“The speaker is very smart and knows the subject well.”
“The seminar is very lively because of the good speaking power of Mr. Tabanag.”

– Civil Dept Employees of JGC Philippines, Inc.

“Very good. Presented new ideas and techniques.”
“The speaker is very jolly and explained all the topics well.”
“Though time is short for the seminar, yet we learned a lot.”
“Explains very well by using real life examples.  And very much willing to help.”

– Employees of Clarmil Manufacturing (Goldilocks)

“Super ganda ng seminar na ‘to, lalo sa akin na working mother.”
“It is very timely especially today that we experience financial crisis. I’m excited to apply my learnings into action.  The speaker used many examples to make his point vivid & very simple.”
“Napapanahon ang seminar na ito.  Expert ang speaker. Nakaka-inspire.”
“It’s very useful for my plans for my finances. Speaker is very encouraging and entertaining.”
“Maraming aral ang natutunan ko kay Sir Alvin na dapat ngang gawin na may paghahanda sa maayos na pamamaraan.  Marami siyang simpleng joke na may laman at may aral.”

– Employees of the Provincial Government of Bulacan

“Very useful and highly motivating”
“Excellent, learned a lot!”
“Interesting and full of information.  Perfect the way it is.”
“Very convincing. Did more to convince me than years of talks from parents & friends.”
” Explains complicated money matters in a way that is easy to understand!”
“Very engaging & entertaining. Used layman’s terms that were easily understood.”
“Presented tough material clearly.”
“Very funny at the same time cuts to the bone.”
“Great speaker. Galing!”

– Officers and staff of Coastal Training Phils., Inc.

“Very enlightening, encouraging and inspirational.”
“Remarkable, very convincing and helps me realize to change my spending habit.”
“Very detailed and lively.”
“He is excellent… presented topics clearly & presented experiences in our day to day lives.”
“The speaker is great and I love the way he conveys his message.  He’s trying to impart the normal things that are happening in life.”
“Fun… practical… understandable… Appropriate for all ages (@ workplace)…”
“Used entertaining examples that make the discussion interesting and not boring.”

– Officers and staff of PetNet, Inc.

“Well explained, very educational and very relevant to the financial problem were facing right now. Alvin Tabañag is very good, articulate and he can easily explain everything about financial management. ‘Smashing’ seminar an eye opener… we learned so much from him.”
“Very good and very useful. It is practically needed in our everyday lives.  Alvin Tabañag is so good and humorous.  Can explain the topics practically and in detail with audience participation.”
“Nicely done.  I now know how to budget and will tell this knowledge I learned to my wife, kids and the rest of my family.  Alvin Tabañag is alive & kicking… understandable & very well delivered.”

– Officers and staff of IBC-13

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