Why Work With Us

With TrainersHQ, you will be able to:

1. Select from a wide range of speakers and trainers

We have speakers and trainers to match any topic, budget, or event. We have nationally recognized speakers and up-and-coming trainers. We’re always actively discovering fresh talent as we produce, market, and participate in conferences and seminars ourselves. So you have a lot of options to choose from. Think of us as a marketplace for speakers and trainers from diverse backgrounds, various expertise, and different fees. Unlike some training companies, we promote our speakers and trainers themselves, not faceless program outlines, so you know exactly who you will be hiring and what you’re getting.

2. Find the right speaker or trainer easily and conveniently

There are hundreds of professional speakers and trainers, not to mention executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators who accept speaking and training engagements occasionally. But which is the right one for your particular needs? With TrainersHQ.net, our self-serve online catalog, you can easily review shortlist from our roster. Or if you prefer, just tell us what your requirements are and we will give you our recommended shortlist.

3. Minimize the risk of hiring the wrong speaker or trainer

We specifically chose most of the talents in our roster, ones whom we have already worked with or have heard before. We want to have a long-term partnership with our clients, so we want to make sure we only represent highly competent and reputable speakers and trainers. We also pre-screen other speakers and trainers who approach us to represent them.

4. Have the flexibility of working with different experts

With us, you’re not stuck with one trainer, or even a handful, for your training requirements. We have a huge pool of independent trainers, speakers, consultants, and educators that you can work with. No single training company can be the best in every single subject area. So take our best-of-breed approach and for each topic, pick from the best of the lot.

5. Go through the selection process quickly and efficiently

We will provide materials such as bios, recommendations, and demos to help you in your evaluation. We can also set up an initial meeting and, in certain cases, a live demo of your shortlisted speakers or trainers. This will cut down the time to complete the entire process significantly.

6. Do less legwork and routine tasks and be more productive

You don’t have to sift through numerous brochures and faxes or engage in endless phone tags with different speakers and trainers. We will gather fee quotes from our speakers and trainers and help you with negotiating with them. We will check their availability and schedule and book them for your event or program. And we will help coordinate the logistics on the day of your event or training program. In other words, we do the dirty work for you. So you can be more productive at work and be less stressed!

7. Get full service at zero cost to you

Yes, we will provide you will all these services without charging you a single centavo! Why? Because you don’t pay us, our speakers and trainers do. They pay us a commission on their gross fee for promoting them and helping them with the nitty-gritty details. We don’t add a markup on their fees, so you will get the same quote whether you deal with them directly or work through us.

What’s the next step? Read the TrainersHQ process.